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Hi have a Davis Vantage Pro 2, I am working on a MAC and use currently meteobridge which then loads data into Meteotemplate. Being generally happy with Meteobridge, sometimes I have data gaps not only b/c of power outages, but also b/c MB does not receive all signals properly from the ISS, while the console does.
Therefore I was thinking about a back-up that would step into in case of

1) power outages
2) no complete signal reception of Meteobridge
3) total failure of Meteobridge (for whatever reason)

I was therefore thinking about a datalogger that I can connect to my console. If meteobridge fails or there is a power outages, I have still my datalogger receiving data from the battery-driven console that I can then feed into Meteotemplate..
However I have no clue which (USB-) datalogger to use. Does anybody have experience with or can anybody give me advise?

Many thanks, Marc

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Re: Datalogger

Post by Lespius » Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:29 pm

hello Marc,
I have such a data logger. You can choose a serie or usb cable. I have chosen a usb. You will need a mini-usb(logger side)/usb (pc) cable, with the proper length.
It works pretty well.

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