Additional sensors

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Additional sensors

Post by gillesroszak » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:22 am

Hi guys,
I bought yesterday 2 additionnal sensors :

Rain detector : ... 31_TE_item
soil humidity : ... 31_TE_item

I would like to add them to the data i send to meteotemplate.
I have a raspberry Pi zéro W that already run WeeWx who grab the data from my PWS (Aercus Weather Ranger) and send them to meteotemplate API.
I think i need some transmitter and receiver, WIFI or radio, but wich one ...??
And CERTAINLY a few lines of coding

How can i do that ????
can some of you help me or tell me where I can find help ?
Aercus Weather Ranger And WeeWx


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