New Station Hardware Advice

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New Station Hardware Advice

Post by EveshamWeather » Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:02 pm

It looks like parts of my existing Oregon Scientific WMR88 are starting to fail - I repeatedly get both the rain gauge and the wind speed reading failing at the same time (although the wind direction works and this uses the same sender as the speed I believe). To fix I have to reset the sensors and the console, but it is getting annoying doing this every couple of months. Since it is possible the main console could be at fault, I am starting to investigate alternative station hardware. Ideally I would look at a Davis unit (to attach to the meteobridge I use to feed Meteotemplate) but these are currently above my budget (around £200 max). I also like the Bloomsky units but again the current UK pricing puts these out of reach too.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I haven't been overly happy with the Oregon Scientific unit to be honest as I feel the build quality is not up to the levels they claim, and the sensor acuracy is not the best.
Currently I am looking at the Aercus WeatherSleuth but are slightly put off by the fact it is a rebadged FineOffset, but have heard reasonably good things from the same devices under the Ambient Weather brand (just to confuse me further).


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