wind cups

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wind cups

Post by pd3lkn » Sun Feb 19, 2023 3:03 pm

hi all
every 1,5 year i need to replace my wind speed meter because its stuck and wil not turn anny more :(
is there anny one who has a sugestion of good durable wind speed meter for the ws4000 station :?:

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Re: wind cups

Post by Julius » Thu Apr 13, 2023 8:26 am

Get one without cups. The netatmo or ecowitt ones are truly superb for their cost.
I have the netatmo anemometer running in the wettest lousiest UV-heavy climate for plastics possible for 8(!) years already, and yes I did fix some openings in it with sillicone kit after about 5 years, and now feed it with solar after replacing batteries for 6 years, but it still works great. In fact, it surpassed many other more expensive brands' anemometers. It survived Eunice last year.

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