How to Ask for Help

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How to Ask for Help

Post by Jachym » Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:28 pm

Here are some basic guidelines you should follow when you need help as it will make it much easier and likely that someone will be able to help you quickly.

Before asking:

1. you checked the corresponding section in the wiki, but the answer is not there (or you do not understand it)
2. you checked some of the threads here on this forum and the answer is not here (try the Search box at the top)

Asking for help:

1. Unless you are talking about some general issue, always include a link to the page concerned - this is absolutely crucial. I do have links to people´s websites, but you have to remember that sometimes people change the path, and most importantly, there is no way I can remember all users´ website addresses and it saves time and makes sure we are looking at the same page.

2. Try describing your problem as clearly as possible

3. If you think it would be useful, include a screenshot

4. Try asking in the English section of this forum, only use the foreign language sections if the former is not possible for you

5. If the problem is related to some admin action, never include your admin password or a link which would show this. Either post a general question or send the password to me by personal message on this forum or email

You can of course also use my email to email me your issue directly, however asking here means you are likely to get a faster response from some other user - I never check just this forum, which means that if I am not answering on this forum, I will also not be available on my email at that time either.