Ecowitt GW1100B Path Limitation

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Ecowitt GW1100B Path Limitation

Post by spd2612 » Thu Mar 02, 2023 11:24 pm

I am hoping there is a way around this
The path in the configuration for the GW1100B_V2.2.1  is limited to how many characters you can input, it will just cut off any characters over I believe 62 
I know that sounds like allot of characters but in that path I have to include "?PASS=PasswordNeeded"
because of the cutoff of characters I am only able to use a password of 2 characters
This is obviously not very secure 
I have shortened everything as far as possible already and I am having to use a longer path becuse I have to point to my Apache2 server by a lan IP because if I use the domain my API gets detected as Malware
Oh I might note this is in Customized section of Weather Services of the ECOWITT gw1100b its self

Any Input would be greatly appreciated

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