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Meteotemplate 19.0 Cranberry

Here you can download the core files for the template. Install instructions are available in the wiki. If you need help, don´t hesitate to ask. You can use the contact form in the blog or you can ask on for example a great forum here and see if your question hasn´t already been answered.

If you want to read more and are interested about the actual template, you can have a look here. The blog also contains information about new features, updates, new plugins, bug fixes and lots of other interesting info. Feel free to subscribe and make sure you are always up-to-date.

DO NOT FORGET to also check bug fixes section on this page, where you can find released patches. Whenever a bug is discovered and fixed, an updated version of this script will be posted there so that you can download the updated version without having to wait for next version update!

If you are unsure what update package you need or how to update, see this blog post


If you want to download the update send me a request at with your name, Meteotemplate forum nick and the URL where you plan to host your site and I will send you a download key you enter below. I try to deal with all requests within 24 hours.

NOTE: It is not possible to skip a version when updating. The update packages ONLY include the updated files, which means if you are running for example version 11, you first have to update to 12 and then to 13. If you have fallen too far behind, then a clean install might be faster. However! It is in such case not necessary to delete everything and start from scratch. If you want to learn more about this and see some tips, check this page.

Download key

v18.0 → v19.0 instructions
v17.2 → v18.0 instructions
v17.1 → v17.2 instructions
v17.0 → v17.1 instructions
v16.0 → v17.0 instructions
v15.0 → v16.0 instructions
v14.x → v15.0 instructions
v13.0 → v14.2 instructions
v12.0 → v13.0
v11.0 → v12.0 instructions
v10.0 → v11.0 instructions
v9.0 → v10.0 instructions
v8.0 → v9.0 instructions
v7.0 → v8.0 instructions
v6.0 → v7.0 instructions
v5.0 → v6.0 instructions
v4.1 → v5.0 instructions
v4.0 → v4.1 instructions
v3.1 → v4.0 instructions
v3.0 → v3.1 instructions

Bug Fixes

Whenever a bug is discovered and fixed, an updated version of that particular script will be posted here so that you can download it even before the next version release, which will have the change included.

Released File Info Download
Jan 3, 2018 Bug fixes package 17.0
  • fixed unit conversion on new mobile homepage
  • correct encoding on new mobile homepage

If the download link does not trigger the download check your browser popup blocker!

If you like this template and find it useful, please consider making a small donation. The entire template and plugins, including support is absolutely free and all contributions will go towards covering the costs associated with running this webpage.