Meteotemplate Questionnaire 2017

Hi guys,
another year has passed since I last made a similar questionnaire, in which I asked you about what you like/don't like about Meteotemplate, what you would want to see etc. A lot has changed, a year ago, there were no blocks, no GUI, no control panel, no translations etc etc. That, however, does not mean there is nothing more to add/improve.

It is obviously very important for me as a developer to know what you as users want. As many of you also know, I have already made dozens of blocks/plugins or changes based on your requests and I take every comment into account. I can obviously not always fulfill your wish, but that can be simply because it is technically not possible, not possible due to copyright or not possible because sometimes you just have to make a compromise - if I get 5 people asking for X and another 10 people asking for Y and X and Y cannot go together, then obviously I have to make a choice.

Just to give you a few examples - languages... yes I know the translation is not perfect, but if I make one change, it will not work in a different language and vice versa. I was also asked for example, if the line graphs for temperature could have a red line for max and blue for min. In such cases the problem is the freedom I gave you as a webmaster - I made the choice to let you specify and choose the color of your page. That means that a blue line would cause problems on pages where the webmaster chose a blue background etc. Likewise with the columns, I could use Bootstrap and make the page more responsive and without the need to use a separate mobile site, however... if I used bootstrap, you would not be able to specify how many columns you want, it would simply scale itself based on screen size. And I could go on with this. I tried to make the template as customizable as possible, and that in some cases means I have to make a compromise.

Either way, feel free to make any suggestion and also - I know some of you might be tempted to only mention the positive things. Obviously I enjoy reading positive feedback, however, also remember that in terms of usability, it is the negative feedback that is more useful to me. If you say - 'everything is perfect Jachym' - then that's great, but in such case you are basically telling me to leave it as it is. Whereas saying you don't like this or that means I will either change it/add it, or explain why it is not possible to use. That's not to say I only want you to say negative things of course, if there is something positive, you can mention it, but just in case there is something bugging you, say it. Im absolutely ok with taking negative comments, I see it as a way to improve and learn.

OK, enough, now please use the questionnaire below to give your feedback. I would also ask you to please provide your valid email address, otherwise I cannot get back to you and sometimes I might need more info from you or I would at least comment on your suggestions/problems.

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What I don't like about Meteotemplate
What I am missing
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Wiki / Documantation
Overall impression/opinion
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